Pokemon liquid crystal is a game developed by linkandzelda. It is a better version of the original crystal with many twists and many other quests around. You get to play the as the same boy or girl from New Bark Town and also get to explore the Orange Archipelagos after the Kanto region. Though there may be some gllitches or bugs around they all get fixed in the upcoming versions.

The storyline

First as you know, you get the pokegear from mom and you go to prof Elm's lab. There you get your very first Poke'mon. Now lets get to the screen description. There will be a chubby boy and girl outside your house whom you interact using' A' button. Above that is the lab. You will find silver near the lab whom if you talk to will push you away. Inside, as you know prof Elm asks you to select your starter and go to Mr pokemon. Everything else is the same as crystal until you try to exit route 30. There you will meet a new character named Zane who will challenge you to a battle. After you beat him he will become your rival. He has a porygon with him, don't worry its not that strong; level 9. There is also another character named Axel from the Ouka who is also new to the game. But that's later on.

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